We have a Discord Server now!

To keep contact with our users and between members, I (Marnix Bloeiman) decided to create and configurate a Discord server for 0810 Software, you can join it here:

If you have any questions about the server, you can mail us or go to #ask-the-members on the server.

Announcing The 0810 Software Question to improve program

Hello readers,

Yesterday we announced the ‘Question to improve’-program, this is a new user-input improvement program that is based on simple less-than-5-minute polls and questions send over email, the program’s aim is to be both simple and powerfull, which seems to have been succeeded since I seem to have explained it all at once…

Want to know more or just sign yourself up? Check out: https://software0810.wordpress.com/qti/!

The 0810 simple and permissive license


The 0810-SPL is no longer maintained or published by Software 0810, but has been continued by Marnix B. You can find it here!

0810 Software creates open-source-software, to empower the open-source-software developing community we are creating our own open-source-software license. ‘The 0810 Software simple and permissive open source license (rev. 1.0)’ is our first self-created license and we are proud to anounce that you are now free to use it to license your own open-source-software (you will need to change “[licensor]” with your own, company or repository owner’s name!). You can download it here as a pdf:


You can also download it as markdown file, this can be a lot easier on, for example, GitHub:

The 0810 Software simple and permissive open source license (rev. 1.0).md

The Marnix 0810 Site is partly being migrated to 0810 Software

Because The Marnix 0810 Site will be more focussed on blogging, the software-parts will move to a new site:


This will mean a cleaner site after the migration, there will also be a more chaotic time where broken links, duplicate pages and other website-migration-nightmares exist…

I will try to keep the migration in straight lines, and hope keeping you away from inconviences.

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