The 0810 Software simple and permissive open source license

0810 Software creates open-source-software, to empower the open-source-software developing community we are creating our own open-source-software license. ‘The 0810 Software simple and permissive open source license (rev. 1.0)’ is our first self-created license and we are proud to anounce that you are now free to use it to license your own open-source-software (you will need to change “[licensor]” with your own, company or repository owner’s name!). You can download it here as a pdf:


You can also download it as markdown file, this can be a lot easier on, for example, GitHub:

The 0810 Software simple and permissive open source license (rev. 1.0).md

# The 0810 Software simple and permissive open source license (rev. 1.0)

This software, or at least the code licensed with this license is licensed by [licenser], and can be called 'their' code[^1]

This license gives permission to share, edit, copy, merge, republish or publish the code licensed with this license, however when publishing in any way, you must use the same license (the exact same license, not just **'The 0810 Software simple and permissive open source license'** but this exact variant, with the name of the original licenser above) also you may not anywhere in it's code, the code that you added to it or merged with it imply or pretend it's your code or software, you can say *a piece of the software was made by you*, but you may not take the full credit. Also you may not sell the code applying without sufficient changes first.

[^1]: (When talking about it's code, we also mean the entire software itself.)

## TLDR:

### You may:

- Share
- Edit
- Copy
- Merge
- Publish
- Republish
- Sell

*This code or software.*

### Under the following circumstances:

- Keep the exact same license (file)
- Don't imply or pretend you made this software (also a '[You may not](#But-you-may-not-)')

### But you may not:

- Sell the code or software without sufficient changes.
- Imply or pretend you made the software or code in it.

*Unless specifically given permission by the licenser, **this permission has to be specifically added to this file***.

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